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Community Bus Survey Route 1 and 1A

  1. What is your gender?*

  2. Residential Status?*

  3. Age group?*

  4. Do you use the minibus to transfer with BCT and other transit services?*

  5. How often do you ride minibus Red Route 1?*

  6. How long do you typically wait for Route 1 bus?*

  7. Which grocery stores do you visit using Route 1 or 1A? *

    (Check all that apply) (If none leave blank)

  8. What is/are the reason(s) you use the minibus?*

    (Check all that apply)

  9. Do you like the bus route to and from Young Circle?*

  10. Do you like the route to and from Layne Blvd?*

  11. Would you prefer 5 different bus routes that come every 35 minutes?*

  12. Do you feel the new Red Route 1 or 1A is too long?*

  13. Would you benefit from extending service hours to 9:00 PM?*

  14. Do you track the buses using the Mobile App?*

  15. Is there enough seating on the minibus?*

  16. Would like security cameras added on the minibus?*

  17. Do you feel the new Red Route 1 or 1A is too long?*

  18. Do you like the new minibus changes?*

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