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Need Local Vendors to meet CBP Goals?

Community Benefit Plan (CBP)

On May 15, 2013, the City codified the Community Benefit Plan under Section 23-3 of the City’s Code of Ordinance by setting forth the definition of what a Community Benefit Plan is:

"Community benefit plan means a plan that may be required for capital construction projects if it meets the feasibility threshold as established by policy. When a solicitation requires it proposers must demonstrate and provide a proposed community benefit plan which has identifiable and observable community benefits for the community surrounding the project and the city. The benefits should include the approach for ensuring that both prime and subcontractors utilize local residents in every phase of the project of the city, community outreach, mentoring, training, apprenticeships, or any other types of identifiable ancillary benefits for the community. The city manager may only waive this requirement if the highly technical nature of the work makes the community benefit component unfeasible."

CBP commitment must be an overall percentage (%) of the project cost. Usually, this incorporates Local Workforce and Local Vendor Utilization. CBPs are generally required to be a part of all City Capital Improvement Projects and private development over $1 million, but may also extend to projects less than $1 million.

Other CBP activities that will benefit the Community may include funding or participation in City-sponsored, Community-based organizations and/or programs, i.e. Police Athletic League (PAL), City's Food Pantry, community outreach, mentoring, training and apprenticeships, or any other types of identifiable ancillary benefits for the community.

HOP Services to Developers & Contractors

The HOP Program is committed to ensuring that all development projects in the City provide and commit to tangible benefits to the community. Developers must utilize HOP as a clearinghouse to recruit, screen and hire local residents and vendors to meet CBP requirements.

Here are some of the HOP services available:
  1. Database of skilled and unskilled local workforce
  2. Database of local vendors
  3. Promote job & vendor opportunities through City website, Social Media, Parks & Recreation and community partners
  4. Assist with coordinating job & vendor fairs
  5. Assist with coordinating “Other CBP Activities”
  6. Coordinate training for local workforce